Saturday, March 18, 2017

Uncovering Your Happy

Happiness. What does that look like to you? How does it make you feel? Is it something you experience daily or is it found sprinkled throughout your life, showing how sporadic it can be? Whatever the case is between you and your relationship with happiness, the bottom line is and you alone are in control of how happy or unhappy you are.

The first step in uncovering your happy is understanding the difference between being happy and having joy. The two are vastly different and depend on what's going on in your life externally and internally. Happiness derives from what is going on in your life, circumstances, relationships, etc., which makes your dependency on the external to make you happy unstable because you are looking outside of yourself for something or someone to fill a void or a need that has already been filled internally.

Joy on the other hand comes from within and is cultivated by your awareness of how complete you actually are. You are already complete because you are a creation of God and because of this you lack nothing. You were made whole. It is when you allow the ego side of you to look externally, seeking to enhance yourself though the acceptance and love from others and  material possessions that you set yourself up to be disappointed, depressed, and deprived. Once you understand fully - in mind, body, and spirit how complete you are, joy emerges from that. That joy is like a stream of water. It is always available to you. If you plant yourself in that realization, true happiness is then uncovered and as a result you will always live a happy life. There will be nothing or no one who can shake you because you are firmly planted by that stream of water.

Uncovering your happy through the joy that lives within may sound easier said than done and it only sounds this way because you have become so distracted by the external. So much to the point that you are deceived by your perception of what you believe the truth of your reality to be. This is how we are fooled by the enemy so that we are kept in a place of bondage that keeps the cycle of being deceived in motion.

If you truly want to live a life of joy and happiness, you have to not only be willing, but committed to doing the work mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to get you there. It's not going to be easy because you have to face yourself and the lies you have been telling yourself and accepting from others in order to find who you truly are. And once you find who you are, everything that is not of God falls from you. Here is another way to put this - when you are aware of who you are because of God and are no longer deceived by your perception of your reality, you are able to see that anything outside of the will of God for your life is your own nightmare. We create our own nightmares when we are focused on the external world and what we are seeking from it. Perceive and acknowledge that you have everything and you will find that you have no needs of any kind. You respond to what you perceive, and as you perceive you behave.

Practice looking inward. Understand you are a creation of God and you are complete, lacking nothing. Joy is within us and once you tap into that joy, true happiness is forever yours because it is not dependent on anything or anyone outside of yourself.

Uncover your happy. It starts now, with you.

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