Sunday, March 19, 2017

Conquering Fear

Fear is the one thing that can stop us from having everything that we desire. It can keep us paralyzed from taking the necessary steps to live a life without limits. As a result of fear, many of our dreams end up dying in a land of the unknown.

It is important for us to understand that fear is not “God created” but rather, it is “ego created.” Fear is the ego's way of protecting us from pain, rejection, and anything that may appear to be harmful. However, fear only has as much power as we believe it does. If we believe our fears, we will allow ourselves to become placed in a stronghold – keeping ourselves stuck and inevitably complacent with the way things are if they are not favorable.

Author Susan Jeffers says that we should "feel the fear and do it anyway." Her advice can show us that it is okay for us to feel the emotion of fear but we should not let it control our lives. We can conquer fear once we understand that winning that battle first starts within our minds. In other words, what we perceive to be fearful is not always the truth.

So how can you conquer your fears? The following are a few tips that I think can help in claiming your victory over your fears.

1. Acknowledge the cause of your fear.
Face the truth as to why you feel the way that you do – that is the root. Once you identify the cause of your fear, you can start to dismantle the illusion of what your fear is telling you about a particular situation.

2. Accept your fear.
Whenever you accept a feeling, you are allowing what you feel to be exactly what it is. Whenever you resist accepting fear, you are creating a negative charge that can only bring about more negativity. By accepting fear, you are in no way, giving into the illusions that fear creates, you are just choosing to allow what you feel to be exactly what it is. It is okay to feel the emotion of fear, but you can be assured that it is false because you have identified its misleading causes (see step #1).

3. Move forward and acquire.
Once you have recognized the reason for your fear and have accepted your fear, you can develop a new perception of your fear. Remember, what you perceive to be fearful is not always the truth.

Fear always creates false impressions that we often end up accepting. However, you can aggressively look your fear in its face and walk past it, or should I say, move forward – acquiring the very thing that it has worked to keep you from: victory.

We all have God’s power within us to overcome our fears. When you are faced with something that is fearful, do not run away from it, for we all know that if we run from a lion, it will run after us. Instead, acknowledge, accept, move forward and acquire your victory. In other words, “feel the fear and do it anyway.” The victory is already yours for no weapon formed shall prosper.

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